hrm240 week 9 capstone checkpoing.

hrm240 week 9 capstone checkpoing. - history of the company...

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Brittney Bryson March 3, 2011 HRM240 Week 9 Capstone Checkpoint
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The Human Resources assistance plans and aids I have been using for my final project would be the Information about what and how you need to make a company better and easier to work for. Having a company handbook that states exactly how you should act for the company and gives you a break down of the hiring process, statistics of the company, safety training, sexual harassment laws, sick days, Vacation, Benefits, and the basic information of what the employee will be doing. Some of the aids used for starting in the accounting business would be a presentation set up that explains what the company is about. I would want to give the
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Unformatted text preview: history of the company and what areas of expertise we will be doing. There are many different areas of accounting; the accounting firm I would like to work for would be small business, and tax laws. For this area we would need to have certified accountants that know all the laws and exactly how each of these types of work is to be done. Having a guide set out that allows each employee to know what laws they have to abide by, what types of certifications they need to have to work for the company. Training classes and refresher classes will be outlined, stating when and where they would need to go to have the training. Also outlined will be the type of training methods we work with....
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hrm240 week 9 capstone checkpoing. - history of the company...

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