hrm240 week 5 job opportunities

hrm240 week 5 job opportunities - what happens to a...

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Brittney Bryson November 27, 2010 HRM/240 Week 5 Job Opportunities Map 1
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Accounting To have a successful career in Accounting you will need to have a High school diploma to be able to start your college degrees. In order to become a Certified Public Accountant you will need to complete your four year Bachelors degree and continue on to your master’s degree in accounting. With a Four year Bachelor’s Degree you can work as an entry level accountant and do jobs such as become a Staff accountant, Auditor/Accountant, Government accountant or corporate Accountant. For a better paying job and to climb the corporate ladder you will need the high education and get your CPA. Once you have your CPA you can work jobs such as; a Treasurer, Managerial Consultant, Financial Manager and controller. In Order to become an accountant you need to have people skills, most accountants know more of how to run a business because they see the exact impact of
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Unformatted text preview: what happens to a company. Dealing with financial records or a company, you see everything that has happened. Organizational incentives and Mentoring plays a great role in developing and attracting a talent pool of young and energetic individuals. Incentives are the benefits that are offered to the employees or target employees as a result to their services. Incentives are important because they are the basic attraction of a job. A company having a good incentive plan would have more and more people willing to do the job. On the other hand, a company who does not have a good incentive plan will 2 suffer because people would be less willing to work for it. Thus, it plays a key role in attracting and developing a talent pool. On the other hand, Mentoring is important because it is the grooming of talent pool. An organization that offers grooming opportunities will lead in having willing workers rather than the one who does not. 3...
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hrm240 week 5 job opportunities - what happens to a...

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