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HRM240 Week 3 selection tools - Selection Tools 1 Brittney...

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Selection Tools Brittney Bryson HRM240 January 20, 2011 Week 3 Selection Tools 1
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Selection Tools Three selections tools that would be considered when looking to hire personnel for a supermarket are, completing an application, holding an interview and providing references. The reasons for choosing these three selections are to come. Getting the best individuals for the job will help ensure the business has the best chance for success opposed to spending time and resources fixing problems with individuals that have not been the best fit for a position. Better selections research and planning will contribute to the organization with better performing employees and contribute to the monetary value. The steps that will be outlined in this paper cover the importance in gathering data so we can accurately describe the requirements and needs to fill the position. The first step the applicant needs to do is be able to complete an application that shows a lot about the person looking for a position. It shows that they are able to read and understand English, and that they are able to work through problems. The interview part of this process is very important. Conducting an interview allows you to meet the candidate and decide what that individual is like. According to Bohlander & Snell (2007), “The interview remains a mainstay of selection because (1) it is especially practical when there are only a small number of applicants; (2) it serves other purposes, such as public relations; and (3) interviewers maintain great faith and confidence in their judgments” (pg. 267). During the interview you can ask questions about what is in the application and see how the individual presents his or herself. Lastly by collecting references you are able to ensure
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HRM240 Week 3 selection tools - Selection Tools 1 Brittney...

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