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HRM240 week 3 recruitment methods

HRM240 week 3 recruitment methods - 1 Brittney Bryson...

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Brittney Bryson January 20, 2011 HRM240 Week 3 Checkpoint: Recruitment Methods 1
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In society today, the process of recruiting new employees has changed enormously. Some of the recruiting process offers many advantages as well as disadvantages to both the business and its prospective employee. One internal and three external ways that I could recruit for the job in my final assignment is through the internet, private employment, newspaper advertisement, and employee job board(hiring within company). The internet recruiting methods are the most common method used today, and the many advantages consist of lower costs, time saving, and extra information about each applicant. I believe like the resume method, the online method can also place a greater risk for attracting dishonest and unqualified people. The internet process would bring in more of a variety of applicants because it saves them on gas, and driving, but a bad side would be they loose the face to face value of people applying.
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