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Accounting Plus Memo To: Bob Smith From: Brittney Bryson CC: Management team Date: April 17, 2011 Re: Employee benefits After doing some research, and putting some thought into what would benefit the company and the employee’s best. I came a crossed the flexible benefits plan, where the employee can pick and choose which benefits package best suites them and there families. They can choose between which health insurance providers they would care to use, whether it’s from an HMO or PPO. This will allow them to choose the cost of there own health insurance. After talking to some of the higher up management employee’s it was determined that most would choose a higher deductible then higher on the spot costs. We will continue to have Social security costs, Labor and Industries and Medicare as state laws require from our company. This health insurance plan will allow for the employee’s to pay for health care coverage at a discounted price and the company pay for the other insurance premiums. The employee can also add dental, vision
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Unformatted text preview: and life insurance policies. This policies as would the health insurance would be paid from premiums from there salary or hourly wages, Bi-weekly from there paychecks. Upon being hired, they would be informed that there benefits will start after 90 days of employment. We will allow them to check in with there policies through our company website under the employees benefits page. Management will perform surveys to find out exactly what types of insurance plans the employee’s would be interested in. We will then contact the insurance providers to see what packages they will carry; this will give us a better Idea of how to explain in details the information during a meeting with the employee’s. Employees will be allowed seven vacation days a year; these will not be allowed to be used until the employee has worked for the company for one year. The employee’s will also be allowed to use 3 paid sick days a year. 1...
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