Ch 8 ENTERPRISE Applications 7th ed

Ch 8 ENTERPRISE Applications 7th ed - ACHIEVEING H...

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CHAPTER 8 ACHIEVEING H OPERATIONAL H : ENTERPRISE H APPLICATIONS H ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE W H SOFTWARE SOFTWARE Set of Integrated H S/W Modules H Data May Be Used By Multiple H Includes analytical tools for using data captured H by the system to evaluate H overall organizational performance h p HOW ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS WORK How Enterprise Systems Work Enterprise software is built around thousands of predefined H business processes that reflect H best practices H Best practice H is most successful solutions H or problem-solving methods for effectively H achieving H a business objective H . How Enterprise Systems Work If companies want to reap H the maximum benefits from enterprise software, they must change the way they work to conform H to the business processes in the software. BENEFITS OF ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS Firm Structure H One Organization Management: Firm-wide Knowledge-based Management Processes, Support Decision Making & Rapid H Responses H To Customer Requests Technology: Unified H Platform H Business: More Efficient H * ENTERPRISE SYSTEM CHALLENGES H Daunting h Implementation H High Up-Front H Inflexibility H Realizing Strategic Value h p SUPPLY CHAIN H , Transforming Them Into Products Upstream H Supply Chain: Firm’s Suppliers, Suppliers’ Suppliers, Processes For Managing H Relationships With Them Downstream H For Delivering H Products To Customers BUSINESS VALUE OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Match Supply to Demand H Reduce Inventory H Levels Improve H Delivery Service Speed Product Time to Market Use Assets More Effectively H Reduced Supply Chain Costs Lead to Increased Profitability H Increased Sales
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Ch 8 ENTERPRISE Applications 7th ed - ACHIEVEING H...

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