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Final Exam Study Guide - technostress Information asymmetry...

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Authentication4 Basic Concepts (Accountability, Responsibility, and Liability) Best practices Biometric authentication Bull whip effect Candidate for Ethical Principals Churn rate Controls: General Controls, Administrative Controls, S/W controls, H/W controls, computer operations controls, data security controls, implementation controls, processing controls, O/P controls Copyright Customer relationship Management Demand planning Denial of Service Attacks7.4 7.5 Digital certificate Digital checking Digital checks Digital code Disintermediation Distributed denial of service 7.4 7.5 Due process E-commerce (know types and examples of each) Electronic Commerce Payment Systems Enterprise Systems and Challenges Ethical analysis Ethics Fair Information Practice
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Firewalls Golden Rule Health Risk (Repetitive stress, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Computer vision syndrome, and
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Unformatted text preview: technostress) Information asymmetry Internet technology (Infrastructure) Intranets and its benefits Just-in-time model Logistics M-commerce Moral Dimensions of the Information Systems Patent Privacy Property rights Pull-based model Pushed-based model Re-intermediation Smart cards Stored value payment system Supply Chain / Execution systems System vulnerability and abuse (Hackers and Computer Crimes, Identity theft, Computer crimes, Internal threats, and Information Systems Controls) Establishing a Framework for Security and Control Threats against information systems Trade secret Websites (What information do they gather, how they use it, how they use personalization)...
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  • computer vision syndrome, Information systems controls, Data security controls, Churn rate Controls, Systems Enterprise Systems

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Final Exam Study Guide - technostress Information asymmetry...

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