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AP1200_Ch2_Uncertainty-Supplement-2008 - Copy

AP1200_Ch2_Uncertainty-Supplement-2008 - Copy - AP1200 2...

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1 AP1200 AP1200 2. Uncertainty - Supplement 2. Uncertainty - Supplement Michel A. Van Hove Michel A. Van Hove WARNING: PRINTING THIS DOCUMENT WILL USE MUCH INK AND WILL NOT SHOW ANIMATIONS.
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Uncertainty in polling / voting Uncertainty in polling / voting An opinion poll asks a relatively small group of N people the same question, to try to measure the opinion of a much larger group, for example to estimate what products people prefer: e.g. p % prefer PCs, m % prefer Macs, n % prefer no computer what color of clothes people prefer: e.g. r % prefer red , b % prefer blue , g % prefer green , etc. Relative uncertainty: since a small group is used, the result will not be very accurate the relative uncertainty is simply: 1/ N or 100/ N % so r ± 100/ N % prefer red , b ± 100/ N % prefer blue , etc. PDA question 2.4: give your preference for the color of your clothes red or blue or green or other : your answers are 13 , 37 , 9, 38 % what is the relative uncertainty? N
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AP1200_Ch2_Uncertainty-Supplement-2008 - Copy - AP1200 2...

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