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Chem 110A, F09 Problem Set 1 IN WORKING THESE PROBLEMS YOU WILL NEED TO LOOK UP SEVERAL PROPERTIES OF THE GASES AND LIQUIDS INVOLVED (E.G., DENSITIES AND HEAT CAPACITIES, ETC.), AS WELL AS VALUES OF FUNDAMENTAL CONSTANTS AND CONVERSION FACTORS BETWEEN DIFFERENT UNITS. AND YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE SIMPLIFYING ASSUMPTIONS AND APPROXIMATIONS. 1. Use the ideal gas law to generate Fig. 1.3 in the text (Fig. 1.2 in the 1 st edition). 2. Consider Example Problem 2.2 in the text (it’s also Example Problem 2.2 in the 1 st edition), in which 10g of water boils at 373K under a pressure of 1 atm. How much heat is absorbed by these 10g during this process? 3. Show that C P – C V = R for a mole of ideal gas. 4. Consider a mole of ideal gas whose initial state is a T = 350K and P = 2 atm, which is heated at constant volume to a pressure of 10 atm. Afterwards, it expands reversibly and isothermally until its pressure drops back down to 2 atm. Finally, it is brought back to its initial state by extracting heat at constant
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