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1 Problem Set 4 Chem 110A F09 1. In class (Lecture #12) we calculated the work done on the system in the 2 nd step of the Carnot cycle shown in Fig. 5.2, showing that it is equal to C V (T c -T h ) . Similarly, show that the work done on the system in the 4 th , final, step is the negative of this, i.e., C V (T h -T c ) . 2. Show that the volumes associated with points a, b, c, and d in the Carnot cycle (see Fig. 5.2) are related by ln( V d V c )   ln( V b V a ) . 3. Continuing with our analysis of the Fig. 5.2 Carnot cycle…Suppose we start with 7/4 moles of an ideal monatomic gas at 920K and volume 4.00L. Consider further that the first iso-T expansion proceeds to a volume of 11.50L, followed by an adiabatic expansion until the temperature drops to 375K; finally, the system is returned to its initial state by first an iso-thermal compression and then an adiabatic compression. Calculate
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