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Problem Set 5 Chem 110A F09 1. Derive Eq. (5.43) in the textbook. 2. Consider a mole of diatomic gas ( C V,m =5R/2 ) whose initial state is T=325K and P=3.00 atm. In a first scenario, the gas undergoes a reversible adiabatic expansion until the final pressure is 1.50 atm; in a second scenario, it undergoes an adiabatic expansion against a constant external pressure of 1.50 atm until its final pressure is equal to the external pressure (1.50 atm). For each of these scenarios, calculate: q, w, U, H, S, S surr , and S universe . (Suppose the state of the surroundings is 250K, 1.5 atm in the first scenario, and 300K, 1.5 atm in the second.) Which of the processes is a spontaneous process? 3. What is the final state (i.e., ice, or liquid water) of the system whose initial state is 17.5 g of 273K ice in 125 g of 325K liquid water (all under atmospheric pressure)? What is S for this change of state? What about S surr and the spontaneity of the process? 4.
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