Device Pictures - Typical devices: DEVICE AFTERCOOLER...

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C. Borgnakke DEVICE Purpose Given Approx. AFTERCOOLER To cool a flow after a compressor. W = 0 P = const. BOILER To bring substance to a vapor state. W = 0 P = const. CONDENSER Take q out to bring substance to liquid state. W = 0 P = const. COMPRESSOR Bring a substance to higher pressure. W in Q = 0 DEAERATOR To remove gases dissolved in liquids. W = 0 P = const. DEHUMIDIFIER Removes water from air. P = const. DESUPERHEATER Adds liquid water to sup. vap. steam to make saturated vapor. P = const. DIFFUSER To convert KIN energy to higher P. W = 0 Q = 0, POT = Const. ECONOMIZER Low T, low P heat exchanger. W = 0 P = const. EVAPORATOR To bring a substance to vapor state. W = 0 P = const. EXPANDER Similar to a turbine, but may have Q. FAN/BLOWER To move a substance, typically air. W in P = C, Kin up FEEDWATER HEATER Heat exchanger heats liqiuid water with another flow. W = 0 P = const. FLASH EVAPORATOR Generate vapor by expansion (throttling) W = 0 Q = 0 HEAT ENGINE A device that converts heat into work. Q in, W out HEAT EXCHANGER To transfer heat from one media to another. W = 0 P = const. HEAT PUMP A device moving a Q from Tlow to Thigh, requires a work input, refrigerator. W in HEATER To heat a substance. W = 0 P = const. HUMIDIFIER To add water to air-water mixture. W = 0 P =const. INTERCOOLER Heat exchanger between compressor stages. W = 0 P = const. NOZZLE To create KIN energy. P drops. To measure flow rate. W = 0 Q = 0 MIXING CHAMBER To mix two or more flows. W = 0 Q = 0 PUMP Same as compressor, but it handles liquid. Increase P Q = 0 REACTOR To allow reaction between two or more substances. W = 0 Q = 0 REGENERATOR Usually a heat exchanger to recover energy. W = 0 P = constant STEAM GENERATOR Same as BOILER, heat liq. water to sup. vap W = 0 P = constant SUPERCHARGER A compressor driven by engine shaft work to drive air into an automotive engine. SUPERHEATER A heat exchanger that brings T up over Tsat. W = 0 P = constant TURBINE To create shaft work. P drops W out Q = 0 TURBOCHARGER A compressor driven by a turbine (working from exhaust flow) to charge air into an engin THROTTLE Same as valve. VALVE
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Device Pictures - Typical devices: DEVICE AFTERCOOLER...

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