final - Relational Communication 1. What is the...

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Relational Communication 1. What is the “interactional” nature of communication and relationships? - Being capable of acting on or influencing each other. Relationships are usually defined implicitly, rather than explicitly. - Every conversation involves two types of messages: i. content message: what is said (explicit) -> the message ii. relational message: how it is said (implicit) -> the meta-message 2. What are the four dimensions of the metamessage? - Arousal/composure/formality - Intimacy - Immediacy - Submission/dominance 3. What are the five stages of coming together and the five stages of pulling apart? How does the couple’s communication vary in each stage? - Coming together: initiating (greetings and indicating there is an opening for communication), experimenting (safe topics, small talk), intensifying (characterized by increasingly personal self-disclosures; things feel emotionally compelling), integrating (coupling, pet names, coordinated activities, develop a way of being together), bonding (public expression of a commitment – marriage). - Pulling apart: differentiating (pointing and experiencing differences versus similarities and connections), circumscribing (holding back self-disclosures and other relational expressions), avoiding (creating and tolerating situations that detract from the relationship, spending more time apart), stagnating (biding one’s time for a better opportunity, or remaining in a holding patterns), terminating (ending the relationship, or casting the relationship into a new form). 4. What does relational perception theory assert? What is “behavior” and what is “experience?” How do they compare? What are the differences between direct perspective and meta-perspective? What is a spiral? What is a unilateral and a bilateral spiral? Why do we like perceptual accuracy and dislike spirals? What can we do to prevent spirals?
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final - Relational Communication 1. What is the...

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