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Reflection Questions 1. What communication media do you use most often? Why do you rely more on these media than others? Does the type of relationship you have with a person –close or casual, personal or professional – influence what media you use for communicating? If so, how? - I use Facebook or Facebook chat most often when I communicate with people in my personal relationship (friends and family) unless it is an emergency. On Facebook, I can say silly stuffs just to keep in touch with the people, and they would do the same back to me with no pressure. Facebook is also easier to announce or invite for an event to many people at once because it has the function where you can do so. Moreover, since my friends and family are close enough to me, they would know what I really mean without taking anything wrong. I also know that they will not judge me for using inappropriate words or imperfect grammar. However, I prefer talking in person when I communicate with the professors or job interviewer because they do not know me well; and hence misunderstanding or misjudging could occur any time if communicated online or through the phone. English is not my first language, so talking on the phone makes me more nervous than talking in person. I feel uncomfortable asking a question repeatedly especially if the other person on the phone is not a native English speaker. 2. What lessons about gender did you learn from your family when you were growing up? From your friends? Based on these lessons, what aspects of yourself did you bolster – and bury – given what others deemed appropriate for your gender? How did learning about gender affect your interpersonal communication? Your relationships? - Until my grandparents’ generation, sons were considered more precious in Korean culture. When I was born, my grandmother (grandfather passed away before I was born) was happy just because I was her first grand daughter, but she still wanted my mom to have a son for the next. Unfortunately, the next one was a daughter, too. My grandmother didn’t even visit the hospital when my sister was born. The third baby that my mom bore was a son, and my grandmother was very happy. Because of my grandmother, I learned to defend my gender as I grew up. I wanted to prove my grandmother that girls could do everything that guys did. My grandmother always tried to teach me stuffs that “girls needed to do” such as washing dishes and cleaning
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reflection - Reflection Questions 1. What communication...

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