CASE APPLICATION (Living Large)(live nation)

CASE APPLICATION (Living Large)(live nation) - CASE...

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CASE APPLICATION (Living Large) Question 1: What growth strategy does Live Nation appear to be using? What competitive advantage does u think Live Nation has? Answer 1: It appears as though Live Nation may be using two kinds of growth strategies. Concentration: With the concentration growth strategy, Rapino is able to offer many products such as concert tickets, merchandise, videos, and albums when other companies only offer one or a couple of these products. Horizontal integration growth strategy: Horizontal integration growth strategy Rapino is able to eliminate competition and keep profit inside the company. Advantages: Live Nation’s growth strategy is the ability to connect to those millions of people who attend shows every year. Live Nation is able to “connect” fans to their artists with greater easy. By strengthening the artist to fan connection, the purchase of products and tickets is easier and help Live Nation to keep growing and profiting. Question 2:
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CASE APPLICATION (Living Large)(live nation) - CASE...

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