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Successful City Design

Successful City Design - Louis Sullivan argued against the...

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Successful City Design Streets form blocks. Within blocks are lots. Mutual (party) or parallel walls exist. Several types. The central courtyard model. The row house model. The tower model, with free standing towers, plaza and central elevator zone We use zoning to regulate how the built environment exists. Floor Area Ratio (FAR) states the ratio of built environment to land area. Rasmussen Report Copenhagen and Rome: the Eternal City Midtown Manhattan- Elaborate subway system Bryant Park-layered design with defined entrances but porous so you can see through to the center Times Square-Zoning states you must have billboards Each street takes on a distinct place. Museums on 53 rd , Diamonds on 47 th Skyscraper by Goldberger: Chapter 2: Origins of the Skyscraper Demand a different design Skyscraper buildings begin in Chicago
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Unformatted text preview: Louis Sullivan argued against the use of historical elements in the skyscraper John Welbourn Ruud- Skyscrapers should reflect a new society. Montauk building in 1882. First building with elevators. No true first skyscraper. Home Insurance Building in Chicago in 1885. First steel exoskeleton Differences between Chicago and New York skyscrapers: Chicago had a more youthful outlook in the 1880s. New York looked more to Europe and focused on the aesthetic rather than the technologically advanced Chapter 8: Mid-Late 20 th century skyscrapers Piazza Navona: Defined but announced space Ensembles: Idea of the building and spaces together. Cannot exist without the other. Harmony Baroque notion: Space and movement are one and the same Copenhagen-Amelienborg Renaissance Rome Ukraine Row houses...
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