Cognitive Mapping and Transit

Cognitive Mapping and Transit - Europeans 7%. Cost,...

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Cognitive Mapping and Transit February 22, 2011 We create mental maps as humans Series composed of psychological transformations . Cognitive mapping is a series composed of psychological transformations. Einstein “facts are facts but perception is reality” aka all perception is selective Has to be a conceptual form to the city. Lawn can be drawn easily and so will the downtown mall Starting with something which is straight and regimented Planners can construct sequences in the world which are meaningful or memorable John Nash: regents park Finnish wooden villages Copenhagen Spain in America / Ancient Greeks / Romans / Frontier Romans / The Armenians/Ukrainians/Romanians Sequences: used in campus planning Transit in planning and urban design: Flesh and Stone: Sennett Movement from public transportation to private transportation Asphalt Nation: American family spends about 20% of income on transportation. Japanese 9% and
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Unformatted text preview: Europeans 7%. Cost, accidents, energy problem History of Urban transit in the world: 1. Walking 2. Waterborne Transit 3. Horse-borne Transit 4. Mechanical beings such as San Francisco cable cars 5. Trolley 6. Heavy Rail 7. Aerial Train lines 8. Electric Tram 9. Subway 10. Internal combustion engine vehicles: 11. Futuristic stuff. Monorail in Vegas and Vancouver. Hovercraft in Boston. Main problem with the carfor every car there must be 7 parking spaces. That is why cars are so bad. Movie this week Lack of resistance tear the neighborhoods down. Size relation are important. Argument for skyscrapers and orientation points. People werent looking at the consequences. Parking lots zoned into. Parking lots ratio for business space. Differential prices. Rush hour v other times. Dialectic between free will and greater good...
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Cognitive Mapping and Transit - Europeans 7%. Cost,...

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