Jane Jacobs, Bath, and the Book Suburban Nation

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Jane Jacobs, Bath, and the Book Suburban Nation Jane Jacobs. Death and Life of Great American Cites. Intro: Attack on the ideas of modern city planning Use of sidewalks and safety. Strangers are far more common that acquaintances in a city Eyes on the street Clear demarcation between public space and private space Contact. Need to separate public life and private life. Park should not be isolated from everyday life. Parks need variation Need to start dealing with cities as living, hanging organisms. Housing and Housing Design 1. Good cities are made up of housing. Along with roads, the biggest land use. Fundamental component that planners use. Age, income, family setup, sex, and education determine what kinds of things people actually do in households. Bath-City of 85,000 on the river Avon about 70 miles west of London. Roman baths. Georgian housing.
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Unformatted text preview: Individuality of the home is superceded by the structure and order Housing is territory idea. Big house up on the hill. Downtown Montreal Henry Wright and Clarence Stein: Radburn New Urbanism Begins in Seaside, Florida with the Duany Plater-Zyberg Firm Celebration, Florida Kentlands Transit oriented development Suburban Nation How to Make a Town. Growth should happen where previous development has already taken place. Urban areas are better Current development method favors people with financing to develop European version v. what we are currently using. European governments choose where development will take place. Mixed Use Development Super schools may sound good, but they are less efficient Every person for themselves Walkable downtown district Lakelands town center...
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