Zionism in Palestine

Zionism in Palestine - By and large most Palestinians lived...

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Zionism in Palestine Colonialism seen a threat to nationalism Colonialism benefits landowners Palestine as a perfect storm We will consider structure and culture Period of rapid change with urbanization and class polarization Zionism and the Bafour declaration British government and its motives Arabic speaking Ottoman citizens. With Christians. Population triples ver the course of the 19 th century. Not an empty land. Nor were they clearly a nation Individuals are assigned to a nation because of their ethnicity Aleppo in the 18 th century. Social tensions amongst Palestinians shaped their response to British and Jews, Competition for land Religious and class ties. Christians had access to Christian missionary schools Jerusalem became a special Ottoman political realm in the late 19 th century Coastal cities gain economic power at the advantage of inner cities
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Unformatted text preview: By and large most Palestinians lived in small little villages Many of the plantations are part of the 1858 Ottoman land reform laws. Property is movable. Dsitributed deeds and peasants got dicked over. Non-Muslims and foreigners can buy the land Attacks on jewish farms About 50 families control a lot of the farmland Hussein, Nashashid, Khaledi 80% of Christians in cities. 27% of Muslems. Hajj Amin-al-Husayni- Fluidity of identity. Coming into the British mandate served in the Ottoman army as a soldier. Defected in 1917. Embraced the idea to Arabism. Arabism becomes islamismPalestinians define themselves as Palestinians based on outside pressures Organized Zionism starts in France with the Dreyfuss Affair Every people must have their own state to be safe WZO-World Zionist Organization Innocence at home. Open rule...
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