Iran from 1950 to 1979

Iran from 1950 to 1979 - Police violence made only . Even...

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Iran In 1941 the Swiss educated Mohammed Reza Shah takes power Mohammad Mossadeq and others in parliament progressively take back the power that was supposed to be in the hands of parliament. Whittled away at the shahs power. Used mass politics against the shah. In 1950 Mossadeq wins a bloc in parliament and gains power. 1951-3 Prime minister. Proposes to alter the structure of government by using oil. Nationalizes oil in Iran and says the state wil use all the profits in iran. British cook up a plan to take down Mossadeq. Clashes in the summer of 1979 between Iranian factions Was the revolution betrayed? Have the ulama acted differently than the majority of revolutionaries thought they would rule. Occidentosis Death to the Shah’s mercenary army Bloody Hands Shah staged coronation Oil revenues changed the 1960s iran 5 th largest armed forces in the world Shah showed little respect for the Islamic tradition, but instead for the ancient Persian monarchs After 1963 torture started and free speech and the opposition was allowed
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Unformatted text preview: Police violence made only . Even Marxists aligned with Khomenei. Khomenei made protest (both marching and closing shops) a religious obligation Violence in Tabriz Over the next two months, after Black Friday, strikes for higher wages and for political demands Banks, hotels, cinemas, foreign airport offices The army is organized against the people Army no longer had a monopoly on violence Self-appointed leaders and secret trials and0020executions Soon, Islamic Revolutionary Army attacked the Kurds, who had supported the revolution Kurds it is the revolution of the whole people But Islamists viewed it differently. Kurds want democracy. Islamists No press freedom Many of the workers who went on strike for khomenei were still out of work over a year later. Freedom and Islamic government did not go hand in hand anyone caught demonstrating would be shot on sight...
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