Middle Eastern Sovereignty

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Middle Eastern Sovereignty If the US had understood Vietnam it would have handled the Middle east and iran better Regime began to look like the shah Religious Network undamaged by shah Kalkali Burst of revolutionary religious extremism which moderated over time (initially laws forcing women to veil, birth control) Secular courts abolished. .hijad imposed By the 1980s, lifting of veiling and women’s education Hattami=Iranian Movies, Right-winger but wanted to normalize relations with the rest of the world, unable to make successful overtures to the United States Western belief that dictators do not have the support of their people, but they do Consistent theme in Middle East politics is an insistence on sovereignty Balfour declaration would lead to deadlier policies later Ahmedinejad knows that having nuclear weapons gives his people sovereignty We know that Ahmedinejad has great popular support It is possible that Ahmedinejad got as many votes as he said he did It is ok to say we don’t have the evidence for this
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