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Malek Hifni Nassef (03/17) Nassef (1886-1918) was a journalist, poet and women’s rights activist in Egypt. She wrote a regular column under a pseudonym, calling for womens education and the cessation of the “womens question as a tool for politicians to argue about other matters. Speaking out against polygamy and for women’s rights within marriage, she also believed that women should be allowed to make a choice between veiling and not veiling. Mao Tse Tung, China (04/05) The ruler of China from 1943-1976, Mao was a major Communist Political figure. His Revolution against Western-supported Chiang Kai-shek made him a hero to those looking to overthrow Western influence and his country’s isolated, politically, economically, and culturally non-Westernism, established himself as someone Middle Eastern leaders interested in restoring sovereignty to their states looked to. Mapai (Israel Workers) party (03/31, 04/05) Founded by David ben Gurion and led by Sharrett and Eshkol, the Mapai Party was an Israeli political party from 1930 to 1968, when it merged with Israeli Labor Party. The Party was Socialist and promoted Jewish settlement and armed defense of new Jewish lands and settlements. Before 1948, its leader ben Gurion served as the de facto leader of all Israel and the party was the largest party during the 1948 war. Thus, it was a force for militant Zionism and socialist communities, a belief that a Jewish state should exist but also be structurally different than other states across the world. Martin Buber (04/21)
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SelectVocabulary - Malek Hifni Nassef(03/17...

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