Turkish Independence

Turkish Independence - Independence Movements in Turkey...

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Independence Movements in Turkey Turkey had to fight for its independence Rise of the Muslim brotherhood-we have nothing in common with the west. We are moral we are different. It is possible to be Modern and Muslim too What were the factors that made Very clear democratic movements develop in Turkey and Iran in the 1940s, 1950s. Failed in Iran, succeeded in Turkey. Belief that religious authorities will lose importance as the countries move toward democracy. Iran and Turkey-Centers of Safavid Whole ethos of being a multicultural society goes out the window, evidence on homogeneity Turkey has about 13 million (there were 23 million in the Ottoman empire before) Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and the North Arabs all have between 10 and 15 million people Iran and Turkey produce strong leaders with big reforms. Sovereignty important to them. Ataturk-single mindedness with which he fought off all other factions to create the Turkish state Turkey and Iran buy into the rhetoric of the West. In order to be modern we have to become Western. Turks adopt the Western style of writing. Rez al Shah- Persians. Renamed country Iran, for Aryan. British occupy Istanbul in 1919 Takes an anti-greek approach. Burn the coastal town of Smyrna in 1922 Treaty of Lazanne. Greeks are booted. Backbone of state, the skilled positions are now gone. Ataturk seeks to create a new professional class through education
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Turkish Independence - Independence Movements in Turkey...

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