Reclaiming Waterfronts

Reclaiming Waterfronts - 4 cities in 1998 1....

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Reclaiming Waterfronts Bracelona: Transformed waterfront Retrofitted old industrial area Improved transportation access Began to develop 117 blocks adjacent to the Olympic village and the water Community got together and put together an Olympic bid Barcelona losing population in the 1990s Some people wanted the 500 acres to be residential, others commercial Keep the industrial buildings, but use them in a very different way 22 @ Barcelona zoning law
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Unformatted text preview: 4 cities in 1998 1. Vancouver-Zoned the waterfront for housing. 25% of all new housing built had to have accommodations for young families 2. Minneapolis-Green Space. Goal=A park within 6 blocks of every family. Endowed it and got it out of the city councils hands. 3. Chattanooga- In 1969, the dirtiest city in the United States. Cleaned up their river and air. 4. Curitiba- revolutionary Bus system...
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