First and Second Modernities of Globalization

First and Second Modernities of Globalization - First and...

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First and Second Modernities of Globalization 1790-Laissez faire Organized capitalism comes later Impetus for globalization is cheap labor Small towns have stayed small because they are not connected to later development Cyclical phenomenon with con gratia cycles based on groupings of technologies Initially small towns were connected by canal system, then when the railroads came along they had different parameters, only some small towns were connected. Other towns grew up on railways
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Unformatted text preview: First and Second Modernities First Modernity=Exists within states Second Modernity=Fairly stateless Supra national and small town, with a weakening in the middle Zombie Institutions=Formed at the turn of the 20 th century National chains kill off local stores Issues of small towns What do towns have going for them Business and Government and Community Groups Small towns need to regenerate with retirees and visitors...
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