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Piece: On the Origin of the Ottoman Emperors Author: Spandounes Date: 1538 Provenance/Audience: Greek writing to the Dauphin of France Theme: Christians lose because of lack of unity, religious and political. For this, God let them be punished. Dissension among brothers Piece: Letters Author: Benjamin Tudela Date: 12 th century Provenance/Audience: Jewish Spaniard/Other Jews Theme: Travel log shows. Cosmopolitanism of the Mediterranean, especially the East. Groups of
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Unformatted text preview: different kinds of people are everywhere. Piece: De Bello Turcico Author: Erasmus Date: 1530 Provenance/Audience: Monk/ Theme: Christianity is a peaceful religion but Christians are allowed to make a just (essentially defensive) war Piece: Chronicas de los reyes de Castilla Author: Hernando de Pulgar Date: 1492 Theme: History of the Spanish Reconquista of Spain from the Moors...
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