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Jean Kirkpatrick: The US out of the country with the most races has improved the most in the shortest amount of time Sometimes trust divides Latin America. Roger Beltran. Julian Sul. Trust is an important thing in society Sandino- The Zero Sum Game- not in Nicaragua but not in El Salvador This allows for Sandino to effectively rally the local populace The Marines had some preconceived notions of Central Americans Racism gets produced by encounters. We build it. Gives us identity and sense of place. Marines thought that Nicaraguans are inferior Don’t use the word interesting Scott: Both author and Sandino simplistic Sandino’s goal is to get the Americans out Liberals- Urban businessmen (Leon) Conservatives- Wealthy planters (Granada)
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Unformatted text preview: Significant tensions before Sandino American presence may not have existed inside Nicaragua; USA international and domestic actors American domestic presence exists in Nicaragua as it does not in Colombia Memory of invasion changes one Selser page 10-11: Clayton Bullworth Treaty: Quite possible that a huge chunk of Nicaraguans did not care or know about No mass media inculcation; limited literacy Vast majority of people know very little of what goes in their country American military presence in Nicaragua in 1909 Cornelius Vanderbilt Gregorio Selser is quite biased Vast majority of Americans in the 1920s had no idea of what was going on in Nicaragua...
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