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Notes 2/3 1985- Oozing pus-Yellow Green White spots on legs Segovianos were campesinos-campo for countryside Guardia Nacional gets routed in 1979 1. All social classes Poor Nicaraguan campesinos are fighting Nicaraguans Sandino did not want a civil war When he saw the Tipitapa treaty Juan Sacasa the President Idealist and nationalist Somoza kills him since Sandino is a threat. He knows what he is doing is a good thing Bandits can have ideas and programs. Forced wealth redistribution. To criminalize We try to make a distinction between bandits and freedom fighters It is easier to negotiate with someone with a clear plan If Somoza classifies Sandino as a bandit he can kill him without remorse El Flaco-Skinny Revolutionary has social ideas Probably have a conflictual relationship with campesinos
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Unformatted text preview: Number of students fighting in mountains Ideology formed by the group he is in “Half-savages”-Omar Cabezas Che dies in October 8, 1967 Use Sandino’s slogan and call themselves Sandinistas Convictions are found in people Against something From a working class family For him social class is a lived experience University has a mix of social classes-Good looking girls In Latin America Beauty=Whiteness and Wealth Simultaneously hates and is attracted to rich folks Rich are physically separated Ambivalent social relationships No longer only an individual Without seeing the movement it is everywhere The Vanguard mentality The mountains=sacrifice(no family, cars, lights) Finds people who think the world is flat...
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