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2-9 - Resentment Sandinistas the product of a dictatorship...

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Notes: February 9, 2010 Read for Thursday: Kinser Mango gift shows support of the local populace Gift of Mango to the Sandinistas can result in death Ratting out Sandinistas results in reward/patronage Friends can turn into foes-Overstay their welcome Don Bacho Somoza has a book Daniel Ortega-Sandinista
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Unformatted text preview: Resentment Sandinistas the product of a dictatorship Result of Guardia abuses Earthquake in Nicaragua transforms Somoza III 1978 Somoza Volcano- toad-Somozistas are toads. Mob mentality. Toad is slimy, furtive, noncommittal Polarized divided society Personal Connection is important...
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  • Nicaragua, Kinser Mango, Ortega-Sandinista Resentment Sandinistas, Kinser Mango gift, Guardia abuses Earthquake

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