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2-16 - Our enemies often make us who we are Chamorro bros...

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Our enemies often make us who we are Chamorro bros and the Newspaper La Prensa Sandinista support breaks down Contras are terrorists and many support them as terrorists. Led by ex-National Guard Base of the contra movement grows but the leadership remains the same Arturo Cruz-Businessman who joins the contras. Tries to run for presidency in 1984 but then falls by the wayside La prensa and Obando do not condemn the contras Contras are an international force, bases in Honduras Contras, according to Sandinistas, are the pawns of the USA When you lose you don’t forget Contra is a new Guardia Nacional-at the Behest of foreign interests Reagan and Kirkpatrick were major forces in Latin America Kinzer shocked when Sandinistas and contras talked What does the conflict do to Obando When the Sandinistas are about to come to power he declares the revolution morally legitimate 1982 comes out against the government and does not condemn the contras La Prensa represents conservatives of a certain class
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