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Diary of a Sandinista Rebel 34 Lack of clarity in Sandinista mission 36 Tie between sexual liberation and Sandinista rebellion 44 major social changes, as well as governmental 45 Leana represents how the personal and the political blend together 55 Aid for the earthquake was not reaching the needy and the dictator was at fault For the first time, both rich and poor were angry at the dictator4 62 Scented soaps 78 The Womb, after the earthquake state of no rights became official, although apparent before We live history through and for our bodies Reads in order to figure out what is wrong with her society Nicaragua disappears out of American newspapers after the Sandinistas lose the election-1989 The Smaller the piece of land the more they want to hold onto it Crazy quilt of land patterns where people know what belongs to whom
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Unformatted text preview: Somoza could have electrified the country and built roads Strong family connections Fairly clan oriented society Salvador follows his brothers Nicaraguans feel betrayed. Emotional reaction Little people live in little towns and know who knows what land US and Them Mentality Linder needs to find ways to relate with other people and uses the clown outfit It is possible to be in favor of Sandinistas but not an individual Sandinista Contras became popular because they learned how to kill Exterior force makes Williams who Williams is. Due to training and such Catholics do not read the bible Williams and a bunch of others could imagine themselves shooting a bunch of people who are foreign and Sandinistas Mass confusion-Linder identified as a Cuban and killed as a result...
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