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3-2 - Sandino=There isn’t a land problem but a moral...

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Bitter Fruit: the Book Belli hardly tells us anything about the people opposed to the Sandinistas Doesn’t tell us about businessmen or about landowners. Or she is mainly able to write about the men she is attracted to. Does not produce an analysis. Told Through the framework of men Bitter Fruit= Does not offer a theory of what happened? Selser=Sandino failed because he was dumb because he was a nationalist not a communist. Sandino kept believing that the people in his country were good and loyal Nicaraguans. Chamorro, Somoza, Sacasa are landowners first before they are nationals. Society is divided not into good people and bad people but into rich people and poor people.
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Unformatted text preview: Sandino=There isn’t a land problem but a moral problem. There is plenty of land to go around. El Salvador=limited access to land For the Sandinistas it is his class that is bothersome. Class struggle. VISCERAL SENSE OF CLASS Ortega Brothers personify this sense of class. Ronald Reagan cut off one alternative of conciliation after another. Therefore he makes Guatemalans see no possible alternative Journalists were led to believe State within a state which has the right to defend its interests Communist presence-The Blob. Slow but increasing. Irony of individual land ownership in the nature of capitalism, yet the us is angry...
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