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Argueta Quotes - apprentice? 74 William is only twelve and...

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Argueta Quotes 45-6-‘They didn’t even return his body. My brother couldn’t pray for him on the ninth day. If you’re a relative you keep hoping that someday they’ll turn up around here. Maybe they’ll feel sorry for our human pain and let them go, if they’re still alive,’ that’s how my mother talks, always …full of hope, the poor woman. 69 I saw that William coming out, a boy who likes to accompany the Guard—I wonder why?—like a mascot. I knew him because he used to come to the village on errands for the guardsmen. Maybe he’s an
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Unformatted text preview: apprentice? 74 William is only twelve and already a criminal. I knew him when he was just a child—he used to help carry things at the big store in Ilobasco. He was so attentive to the customers. Until he went to work for the Guard as a watchman. 171 And when I think about God, I also think about the conscience Chepe talks about. Maybe they’re the same thing....
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