From 5k to 10k in 12 Weeks

From 5k to 10k in 12 Weeks - weightlifting are utilized...

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From 5k to 10k in 12 Weeks Running for Fitness Why this workout? This workout greatly interests me because I believe it is where I, and several others n the class, are at running proficiency. I feel comfortable running a 5k but, as I stated on my goals sheet, my goal for a year from when the class started is to run a half marathon. Getting to a 10k and continuing to improve on my progress in the class, considering I had gone on four runs in my entire life before class started, is my shorter term goal. Different workout sessions During this course we have conducted many workouts focusing on many different techniques. The plan calls for workouts 6 days a week, many of them fairly short and simple, with a rest day on Saturday. The goal is to bring the runner up to the 6.2 miles that comprise a 10k, while increasing mileage by a minimal amount each week, and focusing on strengthening not only the legs, but also the core. To this effect, various runs, cross training exercises, and
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Unformatted text preview: weightlifting are utilized. Running occurs two or three times each week. There is always a longer run and speed workouts, hill workouts, and shorter runs fill in the extra running days. The idea is to give the runner experience in long runs and build stamina so that the runner will be prepared to run a standard 10k. Speed and hill work have been incorporated for runners to push their limits and gain running strength. Weights are also an important part of the training program. Weightlifting two times every three weeks will help to build core strength, allowing the runner to maintain speed on the long 10k run. Similarly, the workout emphasizes cross training through biking, the MARY workout, the elliptical, swimming and our cross training circuit. This cross training will not only allow the runner to work toward the race without running everyday, but will also strengthen muscles in various regions of the human body....
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