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USArmyRelationswithNativeAmericans - reduced troop levels...

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During the Civil War period the U.S. Army pursued a war policy of retaliatory violence against those Indians who attacked or stole from whites. Fierce fighting during the Civil War caused the US to initially abandon many of its forts, but by 1865, US and Confederate volunteers numbered over 20,000 men, almost twice as many soldiers as were stationed in the West in 1860. Yet, during the initial period of
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Unformatted text preview: reduced troop levels, elements of many tribes, such as the Eastern Sioux and Navajo ladrones , raided the encroaching white farmers and miners the Army usually protected. When the army returned it waged a brutal total war against the aggressors, depriving the Eastern Sioux of their generous reservation and relocating the Navajo, whether they were guilty of raiding or not....
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