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Higginbotham 2. Washington knows the costs of war 3. Reference to rage militaire “the enormous enthusiasm that characterized the American response in 1775” 3. War mostly conducted in the north with northern generals. We therefore conclude “that the military configuration flowing from the eighteenth century were more American than either Northern or Southern” 4 Wash “devoted himself unsparingly from 1775 onward to fostering sentiments of unity in the army and Congress and throughout the fledgling republic.” 5. Washington selected for political reasons, which he was honest about 6. Washington was a republican leader 8. Superiority of militia warriors in the American landscape 9. Brave militia at Monongahela 11. Americans love militia and condemned the standing army of Britain; Lexington and Concord 12. Washington great because he had to beat regulars with a militia with training that had “fluctuated between haphazard and nonexistent” 13 Washington a hybrid of the militia woodsmen and the professional soldier 14 Washington tried to make his militia into a professional level force 14-15 After the French and Indian War, Americans viewed a British standing army as oppressive 15 Although historians view this as an excessive response 17 Ethical behavior and respect for the civilian population a priority for Washington 18 British misdeeds as further colonial hate of a standing army 18 Washington valuing “bush” tactics
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KeyPagesHigginbotham - Higginbotham 2. Washington knows the...

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