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Martin and Lender 16 despite their lack of preparedness, “Americans took great pride in their system of armed defense built on the concept of the virtuous citizen-soldier.” 16-17 Candidates for front line defense came from “the poor and indignant classes” 17 Middle class character of the militia, tied to republicanism 18 Republican idea of defensive war 19 Unique strength of militia was motivation. Unfortunately it was not universal during prolonged campaigns. 20 Standing armies associated with tyranny. 21 Quartering Act 22 See 20. “The purpose was the suppression of American rights” 30 According to whigs, the virtuous citizen was the main building block of a republic nation and a republican army. Most Americans posited the quality of the militia over a regular force. 35 orders were taken “quite casually, if at all” (pre-Washington). Volunteers from other states refused to recognize the authority of Massachusetts general Artemas Ward 37 Regulars brave and have regimental pride 38 Republican irregulars succeeded early in the war because the British were caught off guard 42 Standing army a symbol “of heightened resistance” to the British 43 Army to be like British 44 Washington to train soldiers as professional rather than “strutting individualists of militia muster days” While militia often performed well, in long-term campaigns ‘To place any dependence upon militia is
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KeyPagesMartinandLender - Martin and Lender 16 despite...

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