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MajorThemes - concessions Agenda behind the policy Opening...

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Why and How the Bolsheviks came to power? On what principles the Soviet republic was established. Ethnicity. Indigenization. Nativization. How did they achieve victory in the civil war? New Economic Policy. Collectivization. Industrialization Russia is totally exhausted. War Communism=everything the army needed had to be provided at any cost. Brutal policy led to severely strained relations between farmers and industrial workers. Lenin initiated NEP in 1921. Retreat from extreme socialism. State capitalism. Medium and small size businesses were permitted, but heavy industries was under the control of the state. This included farms, leaving small to medium farms to restore their position of wealth and power. Sent message to the west. Gave out industrial
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Unformatted text preview: concessions. Agenda behind the policy: Opening Russian markets to foreign businessman would motivate western Europeans to recognize soviet Russia. Actually worked, 1924 and after the Soviet Union was recognized. He restored the destroyed Russian economy. Many people suddenly became wealthy and many Soviet government intermediaries were corruptly 1928=NEP diminished severely. 1936 =Abolished . Stalin understood the anarchy was bad Khrushchev-High position Great Patriotic War. What factors contributed to the Soviet victory in WWII? US Lend-Lease Support. Make a hierarchy of factors to prove. Causes of the Cold War? stagnation under Brezhnev, Russia’s Post-Soviet relations with the west...
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