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Rise of Moscow

Rise of Moscow - Orthodox Church decided to move his seat...

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Rise of Moscow By 1242 all of Russia was under Mongol domination. During that period, Moscow was established as the center of the state. Kiev had been destroyed during the invasion, and by 1315 the grand prince ruled from Tver, located about a hundred miles northwest of Moscow. In 1272 Alexander Nevsky gave Moscow to his youngest son Daniel. After the invasion of the Mongols, Moscow began to grow in importance. Recognizing the growing power of Moscow, in 1326, the Metropolitan of Russian
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Unformatted text preview: Orthodox Church decided to move his seat from the city of Vladimir to Moscow. Moscow became the “holy city” city and its princes assumed the role of defenders of the faith. Grand Prince Dmitry attempted to overthrow the Mongol lords, and on September 8, 1380, his army defeated Mongol forces at the battle of Kulikovo field ( Kulikovo pole ) . Finally, in 1480, Ivan III, also known as Ivan the Great, refused to recognize the authority of the Mongols....
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