Rise of Moscow Part 2

Rise of Moscow Part 2 - Moscow as the Third Rome Know then,...

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Moscow as the “Third Rome” “Know then, O pious Tsar, that all the Orthodox Christian realms have converged in thy single empire. Thou art the only Tsar of the Christians in all the universe. Observe and harken, O pious Tsar, that all Christian Empires have converged in thy single one, that two Romes have fallen, but the third stands, and no fourth can ever be. Thy Christian Empire shall fall to no one.” - Filofei (1510) The Rise of Moscow Ivan IV – the Terrible (1533-84) In 1547 Ivan IV announced that he was of age to govern, and his first official act was to have himself crowned tsar in a ceremony closely modeled on that used for the coronation of the Byzantine emperors. The coronation ritual – called venchanie na tsarstvo , i.e. marriage to the territory – was a ceremony of absolutism. The coronations symbolically represented the insoluble bond between the tsar and his country, analogous to a wedding ceremony. This familial spirit is caught in the words of a Russian proverb:
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