Rise of Radicals Timeline

Rise of Radicals - 1873-1877 “going to the people”(khozhdenie v narod.1876 – several disparate radical groups that included many anarchists

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Unformatted text preview: 1873-1877 - “going to the people” (khozhdenie v narod).1876 – several disparate radical groups that included many anarchists and sots formed a central organization , Land and Liberty (Zemlya i volya). Political goals: the overthrow of the government through any means; the end of private land ownership; the redistribution of land among the peasants; and self-determination for national minorities.By 1879 Land and Liberty had split into two groups, one that wanted to prepare the people for the revolution and another dedicated to an immediate terror. The latter group, The Will of the People (Narodnaya volia), decided to throw the government into disarray by killing Alexander II. After several unsuccessful attempts on the tsar’s life, the terrorists achieved their goal March 1, 1881.1904. February 8, Japan attacks the Russian fleet at Port Arthur, beginning the Russo-Japanese War. May 27, Russian fleet is destroyed by the Japanese navy at the Battle of Tsushima Strait....
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