Russian Political Parties and Programs Early 20th Century

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Russian Political Parties and Programs, 1905-1917: RSDLP (Social Democrats), 1898 Marxist (overthrow of tsarism; establishment of a workers’ state) Splits 1903 into: 1. Bolsheviks (majority faction): Stress violent revolution 2. Mensheviks (minority faction): Orthodox Marxists; move toward nonviolent, parliamentary socialism SRs (Socialist Revolutionaries), 1900 Peasant socialism (violent overthrow of tsarism; establishment of federal state; confiscation of estates without compensation) Kadets (Constitutional Democrats), 1905 Liberal-democratic (constitutional monarchy or a republic; all civil rights; ministerial
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Unformatted text preview: responsibility; land reform) Trudoviks (Labor faction), 1906 Radical groups favor drastic land reform; national autonomy for minority peoples; civil liberties Octobrists , 1905 Conservatives (program of October Manifesto ; limited monarchy; mild reform; rule of law) United Nobility , 1906 Faction or pressure group to promote noble interests; mainly conservative Union of the Russian People , 1905 Extreme conservatives (“Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationalism;” racist)...
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