The Patrimonial System

The Patrimonial System - the king’s will, and of a body...

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The Patrimonial System A personal-dynastic regime which does not grow out of specific land of people but is imposed from above upon a specific political realm. Accordingly, it has at its side special, technically trained instruments of rule which originally also have not grown up along with the land but have become tied to the ruler of the dynasty by a purely personal relationship. They form the principal support of the new monarchical authority in the form of bureaucracy, subordinate to
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Unformatted text preview: the king’s will, and of a body of battle-ready warriors… Political life not only concentrates itself in the persons of the rulers; it is actually rooted in them. A citizenry (demos) … as such does not exist at all… The people is the object of the ruling authority, not an independent bearer of some national mission.- Julius Kaerst...
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