The Russian Empire- How and Why

The Russian Empire- How and Why - followed, however, by...

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The Russian Empire: How and Why? 1552 Conquest of the Khanate of Kazan The Steppes (assimilation of new territories in the Asian part of the empire) 1581-2 Siberia The occupation of Siberia offers the first example of characteristic feature of Russian imperialism: its tendency to forestall possible danger by expanding to fill the space it is able to dominate. 1639 The Cossack pioneers reached the Pacific Ocean and founded there the harbor of Okhotsk in 1648 Ukraine 1654 The Treaty of Pereyaslavl 1700-1721 “The Great Northern War” The Baltic: Estland and Livland 1741-1867 “Russian America” (Alaska), City of Novoarkhangelsk (Sitka) Russian expansion continued across Alaska and down the west coast of North America. It was
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Unformatted text preview: followed, however, by only sparsest of settlement, and never put down firm roots. Steppes of East and South 1771 The Crimea was declared a Russian protectorate The Caucasus 1783 East Georgia in accordance with the Georgievsk Treaty came under Russias protection 1817-1859 The Caucasian war 1812 Annexation of Bessarabia Poland Three partitions: 1772, 1793 and 1795 The Jews The partitions of Poland brought some 400,000 Jews into the empire Finland was conquered by the Russians during the war against Sweden in 1808-9 Central Asia: Turkestan and the oases of Central Asia second half of the nineteenth century Russia as empire - conclusions...
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The Russian Empire- How and Why - followed, however, by...

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