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The Russian Idea

The Russian Idea - the new Jerusalem But the new Jerusalem...

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The Russian Idea It must be remembered that the nature of Russians is highly polarized. On the one side it is humble and self-denying; on the other side there is revolt aroused by pity and demanding justice; on the one hand sympathy, compassion, on the other hand the possibility of cruelty. Among the Russians there is a different feeling for the soil and the very soil itself is different from soil in the West. Mysticism of race and blood is alien to the Russians, but the mysticism of the soil is very much akin to them. The Russian people, in accordance with its eternal Idea has no love for the ordering of this earthly city and struggles towards a city that is to come, towards
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Unformatted text preview: the new Jerusalem. But the new Jerusalem is not to be torn away from the vast Russian land. The new Jerusalem is linked with it, and it, the soil, leads to the new Jerusalem. The spirit of community and the brotherhood of mankind are a necessity for the new Jerusalem, and for the attainment of these it is still endeavoring to have the experience of an era of the Holy Spirit, in which there will be a new revelation about society. For this the way is being prepared in Russia.- Nicolas Berdyaev...
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