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Westerners and Slavophiles

Westerners and Slavophiles - Westerners and Slavophiles...

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Westerners and Slavophiles Vissarion Belinskii (Westerner): “Russia sees her salvation not in mysticism, not in asceticism, not in pietism, but in the achievement of civilization, enlightenment and humanitarianism…, an awakening in her people of the sense of human dignity.” Alexander Herzen (Westerner), the founder of Populism and the first important Russian socialist. He published in London the biweekly Bell ( Kolokol ). In the 1870s, a broader movement of revolutionary intelligentsia heeded Herzen’s appeal: “Go to the people.” Nikolai Chernyshevskii (Westerner) determined to remake the world through reason. Radicals led by him gathered around a journal, The Contemporary . Chernyshevskii stressed the intellectual’s duty to educate and lead the toiling masses. Viewing the mir (peasant commune) as the basis for decentralized agrarian socialism, Chernyshevskii affirmed that Russia, avoiding capitalism, could move directly to socialism (“What Is to Be Done?”). Mikhail Bakunin (Westerner), a founder of anarchism with long experience in tsarist prisons,
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