HerodotusNotesBooks1and2 - 1. -2. -3. Helen nabbed, and as...

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1. -- 2. -- 3. Helen nabbed, and as with other girls was kidnapped by a group who travelled for retribution (2) 4. Europeans, or Hellenes, “make war on Asia.”Travel to make war (2). 5. -- 6. Croesus travels to Ionia to conquer, Cimmerians to plunder (2) 7. -- 8. Gyges travels to Delphi to consult the oracle, aka for validation of his usurpation (2) Risk of being dethroned, reward of keeping the kingdom 9. Gyges sends dedications to Delphi, which serve as gifts to both the oracle and to Apollo. A sign of thanks as well as a gift of time- to the god. That his gifts are specifically remembered shows that giving the gift allows him time- as well (3). Once again travel for conquest (2) 10. Cimmerians travel because Scythian nomads (1) push them out of their lands. Seeking a new homeland they travel til they reach Sardis, which they attack (2) 11. – 12. – 13. Continual war used as a source of revenue (2) 14. Delphi as a travel (2) 15. Messengers travel to spread news and prevent conflict (2) 16. – 17. – 18. – 19. Travels for fame and fortune. Fortune 20. Dedications seen by all visitors. Give as thanks (3) 21. Ephesians considered Hellenes even though in Asia minor. Bounded by geography
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HerodotusNotesBooks1and2 - 1. -2. -3. Helen nabbed, and as...

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