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Post Alexander World

Post Alexander World - A lexanders Death The world that...

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Alexander’s Death The world that Alexander died in was completely different than the world of a century earlier Hellenization. Philp ii built the nation of Macedonia Chained the Greeks in the League of Corinth or Hellenic League Who murdered Philip Bucephalus- Awesome horse Alexander and his mother are the two prime candidates for the murder. Probable that he did not have a direct hand in his father’s murder. Olympias probably did it. Became a secondary wife. Probably was irritated and deprived of power Sleeps with the Iliad under his pillow. Dreams of individual excellence and worldwide time and demonstrating his arête on the battlefield. October 336, Alexander becomes king. Moves quickly south to remind the Greeks who is in charge. 335 Thebes rebels. Every house leveled except for Pindar’s. Attacks the Persian empire from 334-330. Granicus River, Issus, and Gaugamela are the three major battle. Granicus= Alexander should not have won. Forded a river and charged up him Issus=
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