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Role of Third Parties

Role of Third Parties - not be given a bigger role in...

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The Role of Third Parties in American Democracy 1. Third Parties already have the ideal role in the American system. One of the biggest mistakes an outside observer evaluating the American political system can make is to claim that third parties are inconsequential. While it is true that, unlike in many other nations, third parties are very infrequently elected to office, the fringe parties occupy a powerful and essential stance in our republic. Third parties with appealing ideologies influence the two major parties by forcing them to adopt portions of the third parties in order to win elections. The successful candidacy of the Green Party’s Ralph Nader in 2000, which many analysts claim cost Democrat Al Gore the election, surely initialized the extremely pro-environmental stance of the Democrats in subsequent years. 2. But, while they often add to the intellectual foundry of democracy, third parties should
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Unformatted text preview: not be given a bigger role in politics. A system that would give third parties a chance at winning many elected offices is irresponsible since such parties almost always have limited focus . Such parties often reflect a limited and regional group of constituents and only advocate strongly for one issue (i.e. environmental sustainability, farmers’ rights, segregation). Such limited breadth makes third party candidates unsuitable candidates to hold office. 3. It is not only that these parties often reflect only one region or demographic group, but their ideologies are often radical . Representing few ideas means that the third party often is comprised of a core group of diehards. Electing a third party candidate creates a situation in which their policies are not beneficial to the nation, but only to a small minority....
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  • Spring '09
  • Sabato
  • United States presidential election, 2008, parties, green party, Ralph Nader, extremely pro-environmental stance

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