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Role of Government Obama’s Inaugural Address While he provided some specifics, Obama stuck to generalities. He encouraged civics, challenging the American people to improve themselves and uphold civic society and political efficacy. Obama’s speech took the stormy tone it did because he wants to deflate too high expectations Call to future generations to take up the torch “Begin again the work of remaking America” Citizenship has a price and a promise. There are benefits and duty.
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Unformatted text preview: • COME TOGETHER AS A NATION Role of government: 1. Law and order 2. Defense of Rights Hobbes- Human nature is evil. Government prevents murder Rousseau and Locke- Protect property rights. Aristotle feared representative democracy: 1. Tyranny of the majority 2. Elites are better suited to rule Madison believed that many factions can prevent a mob tyranny. A larger republic is better than a small one. Representative democracy is good....
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